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With almost 5 billion internet users today, the accessibility of the internet is continuing to encourage more users to go online. This means digital marketing is becoming a fundamental component of any business, from small to large, local to international. The benefits of investing in the digital realm to promote a product or service are indisputable and it is growing with the advancement of technology. For example, the ways to market digitally are expanding, data is becoming more accurate, and the ability to reach the right audience at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

Along with the increases in the benefits of digital marketing, the complexity inevitably increases. Whether you’re seeking to grow or expand your business, it is important to avoid common mistakes when you work towards establishing your business in the digital world.

1. Lacking or Having a Blurred Goal

Many businesses enter digital marketing without a rigorous plan or a clear goal. Goal setting is the most crucial aspect as it serves as the basis for your strategy. Setting a clear and realistic goal allows you to gain insight regarding direction, what you want to achieve, and how you will achieve it. Avoid becoming a follower of other businesses and “just try and see” simply because you see someone else is doing so. Considerations of the campaign stage and customer journey are essential when constructing your marketing campaign to maximise ROI and conversion rate. Success cannot be duplicated, at least in the long run

2. Underestimating Mobile Users

Have you ever seen or wanted to participate in a creative promotion but found it inaccessible on your mobile or could only access them through a complicated and tedious process? How likely are you to terminate this process and turn away from the business? With 4.3 billion mobile internet users around the globe accounting for over 50% of total web traffic, mobile is now the dominant digital platform. Optimising your websites and campaigns to become responsive to mobile users will most likely bring you higher traffic and conversion rate

3. Not Analyzing Data

Sometimes we can get too carried away looking at ROI if a campaign is showing signs of success and forgets to monitor, analyse and evaluate data to detect the possible reasons for this success. Other times, businesses are not tracking their data and often deduct performance and conclusions elsewhere, using insufficient data, leading to inaccurate information and decisions. Analysing and evaluating data enables your business to learn from the experience. It encourages future recurrence of the success through adjustment of strategy, facilitates conversion rates and ensures your money is spent on the right channels or campaigns.

The possibilities with digital marketing today are endless. When done correctly, it will, without doubt, bring customers to your business and promote success. However, if done incorrectly or inefficiently, the money and time you invest is simply going down the drain. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional, reliable, and creative digital marketing agency for your business to secure ROI and let you stand out among your competitors.

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