The Recipe


At The Recipe, we believe that the strength of your brand’s story determines its success in the digital world. It’s not just about an online presence, but the essence and substance of your brand that makes it memorable.


Perception shapes a brand’s journey. At The Recipe, we analyse how your brand is currently perceived and find innovative ways to enhance its connection with the audience. Our approach is simple: understand the present to shape a brighter future.


A compelling brand is consistent. Every interaction, piece of content, and design should reflect the core values of your brand. This uniformity fosters trust, ensuring that your audience always knows what to expect.


The Recipe’s commitment is unwavering. We collaborate to create stories that emotionally connect and spur meaningful actions. Your brand’s story deserves the best strategy, and we’re here to help you tell it.

Detailed Process of How We Work on Our Client's Projects

This comprehensive branding process ensures the development of a consistent, effective brand that resonates with the target audience and accurately represents the business.

Discovery and Research

Understand the client's business, industry, goals, target audience, and existing brand perception. This information forms the basis for the branding strategy.

Brand Strategy Development

Define the brand's positioning, values, voice, and personality. The strategy will guide all future branding decisions.

Logo Design

Create a unique logo that represents the brand and resonates with the target audience. The logo is a fundamental aspect of a brand's visual identity.

Color Palette Selection

Choose the brand's primary and secondary colours that align with the brand's personality and appeal to the target audience.

Typography Selection

Decide on the fonts that will be used in the brand's written communication. This includes fonts for headlines, subheadings, and body text.

Visual Elements Creation

Develop other visual elements that support the brand's identity. This might include patterns, shapes, icons, or illustrations.

Email Signature Design

Design an email signature that reflects the brand's visual identity.

Brand Touchpoints Design

Apply the brand's identity to all brand touchpoints. This could include the website, social media profiles, physical signage, packaging, uniforms, and advertising.

Brand Launch and Implementation

Plan and execute the launch of the new brand to the public. This might involve a marketing campaign or an event.

Brand Monitoring and Management

Regularly review and update the brand as necessary. This might involve refreshing the logo or visual identity, or updating the brand strategy to reflect changes in the business or market.

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