The Recipe

Google Ads

Did you know that nearly all internet searches start on Google? Over 93% to be exact. Don’t waste time and money. Google Ads is your answer.


If you’re trying to get quality leads and boost your revenue, Google Ads is unmatched. Here’s a fact: after seeing your Google ads, potential customers are 50% more likely to make a purchase.


Yet, some people complain about their experiences with Google Ads. Often, it’s not Google Ads that’s the problem, but poor campaign choices or picking the wrong Google ads partner.

No matter your budget or growth plans, The Recipe uses strong, tested methods to get you the leads you need. Our experienced Google ads team knows how to get results.


By working with our Google Ads management services, get ready to see your sales grow.

Search Ads

Google search ads appear in response to user queries on platforms like Google Search and Google Maps. They come in various formats, including text and dynamic.


These ads align with user intent, ensuring genuine interest. They offer targeted results, from website traffic to direct calls, with adjustable budgets to suit your needs.


With The Recipe guiding you, understanding Google Search Ads becomes straightforward.

Display Ads

Make your Google ads noticeable with the right team.


Businesses all over New Zealand and globally want campaigns that help them stand out. But with tough competition and countless factors influencing success, it’s challenging to rise above.


The key? Having the right people behind you. Think about joining forces with The Recipe. With us, you get passionate experts who know how to launch and elevate business campaigns.

Discovery Ads

Ad campaigns often seek brand visibility or website visitors. Google Discovery Ads, however, tap into an audience of 3 billion, connecting with users at peak curiosity. These tailored, eye-catching ads grace Google feeds such as YouTube, Google, and Gmail. Their strength lies in Google’s smart algorithms, pinpointing users ready to act.


Discovery Ads focus on users poised to engage, making them valuable for businesses eager to expand. In contrast, Display Ads scatter across Google’s Display Network with varied intentions.


Begin with defining your objective in Google Ads, followed by selecting your audience and setting your budget. Prepare varied creative elements, as Google tests combinations for optimal performance. Launch, then give Google two weeks to finetune bids. With The Recipe’s insights, it’s a straightforward journey to mastering Discovery Ads.

Performance Max

Performance Max is Google’s automated ad campaign system. It crafts ads using assets you provide and spans Google’s entire inventory, including Search, Display, and YouTube.


You can set objectives, budgets, and targeting. Ads, termed “Asset Groups”, are created based on provided assets, and you can choose specific extensions suited to your goals.


Though top-level insights are available, detailed asset group breakdowns are currently lacking, but Google plans to enhance reporting transparency.

App Campaign

Google’s App Campaign is your go-to solution if you’re aiming to get more people to discover and download your mobile app.

It’s a smart advertising campaign that automatically showcases your app across Google’s platforms, such as Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and partner sites and apps. You provide your ad materials and set a budget, and Google’s clever algorithms handle the rest.

The objective? To drive more people to install and engage with your app by displaying ads to those who are most likely to be interested in it. It’s a user-friendly and efficient way for you to grow your app’s user base.


Customers visit, browse, then bail out. Annoying, right? What if you could nudge them back? Well, with Google Remarketing, you can. And we at The Recipe are here to help.


Most customers don’t buy on their first visit. Google Remarketing nudges them to come back. It’s that simple.


Remarketing isn’t just about clicks; it’s about making every dollar count. At The Recipe, we ensure you see a solid return. More conversions, without draining your wallet.


The Recipe is different. We offer tangible business outcomes. Our aim? Convert those interested browsers into loyal buyers.