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If you are looking for a way to reach out and touch your customers, email marketing is an excellent option. Email marketing has been proven as the least understood form of media, but it’s also the one with the greatest potential in gaining leads for businesses.

What are email leads?

Email leads are those people who share their contact details with a business, usually through opt-in forms that can be found on your website in exchange for some free gift. Email marketing campaigns use these valuable assets to cultivate loyal customers and become an important revenue source for any company!

Email leads are the foundation of any email marketing campaign. They can be nurtured into loyal customers and become a key source of revenue for your business through permission marketing- sending emails with people’s contact details in exchange for free gifts or discounts they want!

Email marketing best practices

Creating a steady stream of leads is not an easy task. However, with the help of our email marketing best practices, you can easily create this for your business and drive new prospects towards it!

  • Make compelling subject lines.

We know that the subject line is the most crucial part of an email that compels audiences to open the email and increases the open inbox rates. A catchy and well-worded subject line such as ‘40% discount…’ would immediately grab their attention and incentivize them to take action. The subject line should reflect the purpose of the email and be concise, ideally no more than 50 characters in total, followed by the preview text.

  • The right email frequency

It is important to know when and how often you should contact your mailing list subscribers in order for them not only to receive the most relevant information but also to be engaged with what they see. To do this, it’s essential that we look at our data to miss any revenue opportunities by under-mailing or decrease engagement levels too greatly by over-mailing customers who may already feel overwhelmed by too many messages being received.

  • Design compelling Email Templates

The design and layout of your email are very important when it comes to generating leads. You should keep a clean and concise email as it is essential and avoid having overly long email templates. If you put a lot of excess in the email templates, it can distract you from the message. Try to use plain fonts to help the subscribers read the emails easily. You can use plain text and choose a simple and clean email template. Other design tips include having a clear CTA (call-to-action)

  • Create short and Engaging Content


The days when people had time to read long emails are over. Today’s audiences want short, crisp content that they can easily digest in their busy lives with hectic work schedules and family responsibilities alike – so you need to keep things spicy but not too extensive! Avoid creating overly bulky messages by trimming down text length or adding images as a supplement if necessary. This will help your message stand out more than ever before while also generating quality leads from subscription forms because customers may show interest based on what was offered visually rather than just words alone.

  • Make mobile-friendly emails

Marketers need to take into account the fact that people are reading emails on their smartphones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops. This means designing templates with buttons for different device types is important. Otherwise, your message may get lost!

  • Personalize the emails

When crafting a message, the general rule of thumb is that it should speak with your brand’s voice. But, email marketing must also fit within the greater context and cater to what audiences want or need to be successful online – so you can reach more potential buyers!

By creating buyer personas that represent the people who purchase your products, you can develop content that resonates when them. Learn about who these people are and what problems they’re trying to solve. With this, you can develop email campaigns that align with your brand’s voice and subscribers needs and wants and create an engaging experience for all audiences involved.

  • Review results and adjust campaigns

In order to improve your email marketing, it is important that you continue analyzing the performance of each message. The key indicators for this include click-through rate and open rates and bounce or unsubscribe rates from emails. Be sure to analyze your emails’ performance and see what worked and what didn’t so your next campaign will perform better.

Of course, if you need help with your email marketing, you can contact us, The Recipe ltd. We are a creative digital marketing agency that strives for innovation in every project we take on. From website design to social media campaigns, The Recipe has what it takes to make your brand stand out among others online!





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